• Seek to understand the context of the change (what, why, and how).
  • Seek to understand the author’s perspective.
  • Check out the branch and test the changes locally on your own.
  • Consider using the Conventional Commenting style to better convey your intent.
  • Try to be thorough in your reviews to reduce the number of iterations.
  • Ensure the author is clear on what is required from them to do.
  • Communicate which ideas you feel strongly about and which you don’t.
  • Offer alternative implementations, but assume the author has already considered them (ask questions).
  • Look for opportunities to simplify the code and improve its readability.
  • If you don’t understand a piece of code, ask for clarification (other people might have the same question).
  • It can be helpful to post a summary comment after a round of review comments.

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