I am a software engineer who strives for simplicity! I enjoy building lasting and impactful things! I am passionate about building highly available, scalable, and autonomous systems.

I am experienced in:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Automation
  • Observability


My greatest qualities as an engineer are:

  • How I treat other people
  • How I work and collobarate as part of a team

We don’t need a title to be leaders. Everyone should be a leader.

  • Leaders eat last
  • Leaders ask questions


  • πŸ’‘ Empathy
  • πŸ’‘ Listening
  • πŸ’‘ Integrity
  • πŸ’‘ Ownership
  • πŸ’‘ Collaboration
  • πŸ’‘ Humility
  • πŸ’‘ Pragmatism
  • πŸ’‘ Helping Others


  • βœ… Ask the right questions
  • βœ… Simplify and clean
  • βœ… Solve a problem every day
  • βœ… Work smart by automating
  • βœ… Make it easy to understand, maintain, and collaborate
  • βœ… Start with UX/DX
  • βœ… Build just enough
  • βœ… Fix the root cause
  • βœ… Make lasting changes
  • βœ… One step at a time
  • βœ… Make work fun!


  • ❌ Over-engineering
  • ❌ Over-abstraction
  • ❌ Leaky abstractions
  • ❌ Premature optimizations